Aquarius - Flowers and Gems




Flowers of Aquarius

Before Uranus was discovered, Saturn was Aquarius's planet. It is still its co-ruler, which make heartsease, or pansy, the blue cornflower and Solomon's seal Aquarius's flowers. The Orchid and the Star of Bethlehem, with it small, pointed, star-like blooms, which echo the starry heavens which Uranus rules, also belong to Aquarius.

Your herbs are fumitory and hemp, and your trees are the poplar, the tamarisk, the cypress and the sweetly scented lime, or linden. The spicy, oriental vetivert is also ruled by Saturn and belongs to Aquarius. Your essential oils are vetivert, patchouli and myrrh.
The Jewels of Aquarius

Aquarius, the most far-seeing and detached of all the signs, is concerned with wide-ranging, humanitarian issues and with the brotherhood of man. It also rules deep space and all the starry heavens, and has the star sapphire as its precious stone. The star sapphire puts its wearer in tune with the great cosmic cycles and forces and gives immunity to lies and envy. It is also said to act as a guide. Labradorite, with its sudden flashes of peacock blues and greens, reflects Aquarius's ruler, Uranus, the planet that brings sudden insights and illuminations, as well as the sparkling life-giving waters pouring from Aquarius's urn. It is known as a bringer of luck.



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