Capricorn - Flowers and Gems


Panises - flower of Capricorn

Flowers of Capricorn

The flowers of Saturn, Capricorn's ruling planet, are the heartsease, or pansy, the blue cornflower and Solomon's seal. Your herbs are fumitory and hemp, and your trees are the poplar, the tamarisk, the cypress and the sweetly scented lime, or linden. The spicy, oriental vetivert is also ruled by Saturn and by Capricorn. Your essential oils are vetivert, patchouli and myrrh, as well as the gentle mimosa.
The Jewels of Capricorn

The turquoise, used to protect both horses and their riders in ancient Samarkand and throughout Persia, belongs to the sure-footed sign of Capricorn, the goat that climbs the lofty mountain and leaps from peak to peak. The turquoise is said to protect its wearer from all harm and to bring great good fortune. Capricorn is the sign that rules the winter solstice, when the sun begins its annual ascent towards the warmth and light of summer. The warm blue turquoise brings the rays of summer, with its optimism fulfillment, to its wearer, helping them to reach their goal.


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