Libra - Flowers and Gems



Flowers of Libra

The sweetly scented damask rose, the violet and primrose, as well as the mallow and vervain, sacred to the druids, are the flowers of the voluptuous planet, Venus, and so of Libra, the sign of one to one relationships. Your trees are the apple, the apricot and cherry, the birch, the tamarind and the myrtle, with its incense-scented leaves. Your herbs are pennyroyal, tansy and yarrow.

Your essential oils are pennyroyal, rose and violet. Pennyroyal, which is said to bring peace between lovers, is uplifting and refreshing, while sensuous rose and delicate violet create the atmosphere of peace and harmony which Libra needs to function well.
The Jewels of Libra

Libra, the sign which governs one to one relationships, is concerned with all the finer shades of love and personal emotions. It is the sign of balance, and those born under it are well -known for their need for harmony as well as for their ability to create it around them. Rose quartz, whose soft, rose pink is the colour of eros, or relatedness, is Libra's jewel and it is recommended as a cure for worries or for a sense of alienation. It creates emotional harmony with loved ones, drawing peace towards its wearer from the cosmos. The cooling, healing blue sapphire is also Libra's jewel.


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