Virgo - Flowers and Gems


poppies - flower of Virgo

Flowers of Virgo

The flowers of the ancient Corn Goddess, Virgo, are poppies, while the flowers of Mercury, Virgo's planet, are lily of the valley and honeysuckle, the most sweetly scented flowers of the shady woodlands and the waysides that Mercury rules. Quick-witted Mercury also owns all fresh and sharply scented flowers and herbs, such as lavender, lemongrass and mint. Your herbs are marjoram, parsley, valerian and dill, and your trees are the hazel and palm.

Your essential oils are lavender, lemongrass and peppermint, which all bring clarity and calm to Virgo's busy, analytical temperament, soothing the emotions.
The Jewels of Virgo

As the ruler of the harvest, Virgo is the sign of the great earth goddess, called a 'virgin' because she is whole self-contained. Its precious stone is agate, coloured and patterned like the earth itself and its greenery, which was believed to cure insomnia and give pleasant dreams. The agate calms Virgo's analytical mind, making its owners 'agreeable and persuasive', and helping its wearer to win their beloved's affection. Agate amulets were in great demand in the 18th century, as they were believed to ward off the evil eye with the watchfulness of a guardian spirit.


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