The Dolphin - January 29th to February 8th

Your sign beyond the zodiac is Delphinus, the Dolphin, which, despite its size, was called 'the glory of the flood of stars'. A symbol of philanthropy, it was the Sacred Fish in ancient Greece, where it was the messenger of the sea god, Poseidon (Neptune).

Intelligent, free-thinking, sensuous and sensitive to others, you love life and are natually creative and musical. You resent restrictions and are only happy when you can live life by your rules.

Location - The stars of Delphinus lie near Aquila, the Eagle and Cygnus, the Swan.

Your Plant - Sea Poppy.

Your Jewel - Aquamarine.

Your Lost Zodiac report includes:

  Your star sign profile beyond the Zodiac
  The myths and legends of your lost sign
  Your compatibility with other 'Signs beyond the Zodiac'
  Links to the traditional Zodiac
  Famous people born under your 'Sign beyond the Zodiac'
  How to find your constellation and personal guiding star

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