Get your Lost Zodiac

The Lost Zodiac: 22 Ancient Star Signs


Your other Sign beyond the Zodiac

For the earliest astrologers in Babylon, ancient Greece and Rome, there was far more to astrology than the Zodiac, alone.

All the other constellations in the skies were seen as Star Signs, too, and were thought to have a major influence on our lives.

Your Life's Path and Personal Myth

These twenty two lost Star Signs, such as the Great Bear and Orion, the Lyre of Orpheus and the Dragon circling round the North celestial pole, reconnect us to the ancient vision of a sacred, living cosmos, and to the great celestial sphere around us. They can also help us to discover our life's path and personal myth.

Your Personal Guiding Star

To find your ancient star-sign glittering above you in the heavens, and to identify your personal guiding star, is to re-enter a lost and timeless world.