Daily Horoscope Content for Web and Apps

Integration is easy. We offer free content and paid plans (low cost). Submit the form end of page for full details.

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We have been supplying Personalized horoscope content for 25 years.

Integration options


We provide a few lines of HTML code which you simply copy in to your web page or app.

Users are prompted to enter their - day + month + year of birth - this data can be saved so the user does not have to re-select.

Content design and layout can be changed in the either the Bootstrap code or the CSS code we provide.


The users day + month + year of birth is passed to a URL (script) on our server which returns the horoscope content in XML. You then build the content in to your web page or app.

The XML method offers advantages and disadvantages - we can explain both to you.

XML example - click here

XML horoscope example as an image



We have both free content options, and also paid plans (small monthly fee). Please use the web form below to contact us to discuss in more detail.

Email Daily Horoscopes

See Please contact us to discuss as this service can be set-up in several different ways.

Your visitors data privacy

We do NOT store the day+month+year user data - this is used only in the session. What our server 'sees' is a HTTP request - from your server - for a horoscope - we then send back the content. We do not store these data requests.

On your Website you have the option to set a cookie to store each visitors day+month+year data so they do not have to enter this again. Then simply provide a link to click to get their personalized Daily Horoscope. We can help with this.

View Daily Horoscope example here

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