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Horoscope Reports

Birth Charts

Your Natal Chart shows the positions of the Sun, Moon and the Eight Planets at the time, and place, that you were born. It is divided into Twelve Zodiac Signs, and, if you know your hour of birth, into Twelve astrological Houses. It reveals the way you love, the way you think, where your real talents lie and where your life is heading.

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Love Compatibility - Synastry Report

Showing how you relate too, and interact, with any other person.

How compatible two people are depends on how many, and what kind, of links there are between the planets in their birth charts. In this report, the most important links are listed first. To help you see things at a glance, green stars show harmonious links, and red stars more challenging connections.

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Soul Mate Focus - Synastry

This report describes the more fated, other-worldly dimension to your relationship, highlighting the connections between your charts that reveal potential Soul Mate links.

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Love Signs - Mars and Venus

Our attitude to love, and to sensuality and seduction, as well as the sexual chemistry between two people, are shown much more clearly by our Mars and Venus signs than by our Sun Signs.

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The Lost Zodiac - the 22 Ancient Stars Signs

Discover your sign beyond the Zodiac. Your other sign beyond the zodiac dates back to the ancient world of Babylon and Greece and Rome. Then, the whole celestial sphere was sacred and every constellation in the sky - not the zodiac alone - was seen as influencing everyone's life.

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The Zodiac - From 'The Box of Stars'

Your Sun Sign, Ruling Planet, Myths and Legends, Flowers and Jewels and more.

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More Chart Options

This section is for those members who want to 'extend' their personal horoscopes by adding more information.

An advanced knowledge of Astrology is required for this section.

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Extended Natal Chart, Extended Natal Chart with Transits, Solar Return, Lunar Return, Progressed Chart, Progressed Chart with Transits, Compatibility - Synastry, Compatibility - Davison.

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